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The Punishment Poll

For those who follow me on tumblr/twitter, you can skip this and go vote. For those of you who have no idea what’s going on, allow me to explain. Earlier this month, I researched and wrote a theory for the premiere date of the show, Castle. I took this theory and put it into an article which can be viewed here. In this article, I said that if my prediction date was wrong, then I would make a video of myself doing something that people suggested. Well, this is what I got. This poll will be open until August 10th and the video up by August 20th. The exception would be if “Sh** Castle Fans Say” wins. That one will require me to write a script and get some people to help me out and then to find a filming location. Happy Voting!

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Love in Nature’s Place

Fern watched Water. He was such a manwhore. They’d been seperated not one week and there he was pouring the Rockettes. I bet they laughed at all his jokes and told them he was the most handsome man in the world. Fern rolled her eyes. If he could get over her that quickly then she so could she. She looked over to find to see Soil sitting near by. “Hey Soil, how are you tonight?” She said in a super flirty voice.


“I’m doing fine thanks.” He said wearily.


Fern laughed with a bright smile adorning her face, “Oh you are just so adorable.”


“I didn’t say anything funny? What is up with you?” Soil was a bit concerned. He knew that Fern and Water had just broken up. Fern had never showed this kind of interest in him before.
“I just think you are the most handsome man here tonight.” Fern kissed him then peeked over to see Water watching them with a horrified look that he was doing a terrible job at hiding. ‘Good,’ she thought, ‘You deserve that.’


“What are you doing Fern? It’s obvious you still love Water.” Soil pointed out when he caught her looking away.


“So, it doesn’t matter. Look at him making out with each of the Rockettes. He’s such a manwhore. How can’t he know that the Rockettes are dating your cousins? Who cares about him and his pretty face with his funny jokes? What does it matter that he always told me I was pretty or cheered me up even when I was at my worst? He’s not doing that now. I’m at rock bottom but he’s not here is he? He doesn’t even matter. ” Fern said as tears ran down her face. Soil pointed behind her. “Water” was all she could manage before he was kissing her.
“Come on Water,” Fountain begged “Go out with me tonight. We’ll have fun and you can finally get over Fern.”
“What if I don’t want to? What if I made a big mistake? Fountain, I screwed up and now I can’t fix it.”

“Buddy you need to move on, come out with me tonight.”


“You know what. You’re right. I will go out with you tonight and I’ll show her that it doesn’t even matter that we’re done. I’m happy.”
“I think that may be going a bit far, Water. Hey! Who am I to judge? Let’s go for it!” Fountain said knowing his friend would have second thoughts later.


Water got there and immediatly saw the Rockettes. He knew they’d wanted to be with him for ages but he also knew they were with Dirt. It didn’t matter though. He needed a one night stand and these girls could give him exactly that.
He flirted with them. They laughed at all his jokes. They gave him the googly eyes as he poured over them. He saw Fern standing over there looking at him. ‘Good,’ he thought, ‘Now you can move on too.’ He went back to concentrating on the Rockettes.


When he saw her kissing Soil, he couldn’t take it anymore. He saw her look over and tried to hide the look that was obviously dorning his face. Judging by the smile he got, he wasn’t doing a good job at it. She turned back to Soil and he knew that he needed her back. He made his excuses to the Rockettes and walked over there.


The closer her got the more he could hear her, ” What does it matter that he always told me I was pretty or cheered me up even when I was at my worst? He’s not doing that now. I’m at rock bottom but he’s not here is he? He doesn’t even matter.”
His heart broke as he heard these words. He couldn’t believe that he was so stupid to leave her. She turned around and he did the only thing he could think of. He kissed her. It was that one kiss that made him feel better and more whole than any from the Rockettes had. He heard her utter his name in shock.
“I’m so sorry, Fern. I made a mistake. The only reason I came here tonight was because Fountain pushed me out of the house. I hadn’t left since I’d made the worst mistake of my life. I thought about your smile and how just a minute of it could take the worst day of my life and make it the best. I smelled the cakes you’d bake for no reason, then laugh at the memory of how we’d sit and eat the whole thing while watching tv. Everything I did only made me think of you. Please forgive me. I want to come back to you. Let me be happy again.” Water knew he had tears streaming down his face at this point but that was okay because so did she.
“Yes, I’m so sorry Water. I shouldn’t have let you push me away so easily.” He held open his arms and she ran into them without hesitation. He held her tightly so that she wouldn’t float away.

After a minute, he loosened his grip on her and pulled her head up by her chin, gently. Then, with the upmost passion and grace, he placed a kiss upon her lips, which she returned. So much was told to the other through that one simple kiss. They said words unspoken. They told each other things that there were no words for, things that neither of them could define or understand. They pulled back and smiled.


“Take me home, Water.” Fern whispered.


“As you wish my queen.”

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