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Red: A poem

Red is the blood that slowly drips from the knife,

just pulled from a soul once living.

Red are the lights that shine with the blue,

as the man responsible is taken to jail.

Red is the ink that flows from the pen,

as the editor works to perfect the piece.

Red are the bulls on the can,

that keep her from sleeping at her desk.

Red is the light opposite of green,

that stops the cars.

Red is the stop sign,

that everyone ignores.

Red is the little notification in the corner,

telling you there’s something new for you.

Red is the background of your favorite blog,

filled with posts that just make your day.

Red is the tattoo on the foot of a young girl,

one of a simple heart with wings.

Red is the stripe of a candy cane,

sweet with peppermint.

Red is cherry bread,

sweet and warm.

Red is apples,

crisp and juicy.

Red is pain,

the kind that no one can see.

Red is the blood dripping from the blade,

as a young girl makes another cut in her arm.

Red is happiness,

as we open another can of Coke.

Red is the succulent strawberry,

giving us nourishment.

Red is the juice that we drink,

pleasing our tongue.

Red is the color of the team,

that’s going to win the World Series this year.

Red is us,

the people of this earth.

Red runs through our hearts and veins,

separating the living from the dead.


Do you consider yourself someone who speaks up? Describe what you mean.

I consider myself a person who speaks up only if someone is doing something wrong. For example,  if someone was bullying someone else I would speak up and try to save the victim from the horrible memories and lasting effects. I try to speak up if I disagree with someone as well. If someone is talking about how drugs and underage drinking is okay and cool, I would be right up on my soapbox telling my stories and listing the many reasons its wrong.

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A Hard Decision you had to make

It was a choice of this or that. Sounds simple right? I wish, this was one of the biggest choices I had ever made. It would decide my future. Whichever path I chose I would have to live with for the next four years. Bishop Brossart or Notre Dame Academy? A mix school or an All girls school? In my mind, both schools were equally great, that was until I shadowed. I shadowed Nortre Dame first and when our school shadowed at Bishop Brossart I knew exactly what my decision would be. I often wonder what would have happened had I shadowed at Bishop Brossart first. Would I be at Notre Dame or would I have not noticed Notre Dame had something more to offer? I will never know the answer to this question but I can say that choosing Notre Dame is the best decision I have ever made.

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The Market

As I walk through the the Farmer’s Market,

I see the fresh fruit and vegetables aligned on the carts.

I hear the vendors yelling out, trying to attract customer’s attention.

I walk by the cart of an elder man selling watermelons.

He asks me if I would like one,

I say yes and pick one up.

I walk a little further and smell fresh cinnamon bread.

I buy a loaf and add it to my bag

but not before getting a taste.

I pick up a few more things,

then leave the bustling market,

until next time.

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A Summer Flower

I’ve been slowly waiting for this all season,

The time has almost come,

And I’m impatient for a good reason,

There’s lots of excitement and joy.

As I’m ready for you to bloom,

I see that you are too.

You never stop moving,

the wind pushing you around fro and to.

You have stopped growing taller each day,

Just as I have stopped watching the other things.

I hope there’s no delay,

of what the future holds.

The day is here and you have opened up whide,

Your colors so pretty, a bright blue and gold.

I can now relax for just a little while,

Til I prepare to start anew.

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Life at the Park

I’m not one of the bigger guys,

No, but I still seem to have the best views

I have the river in front of me,

and a baseball field to the back.

The games they play there are amusing,

especially when the balls come way far back

The way my trunk spreads into two branches,

makes it easy to see both.

The river is high but not quite touching me,

Many of my friends have gone under,

many of them only have their tops peaking out.

I guess its just another spring,

if only I could have some help

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Vignette: My Purse

My purse is exactly 12 by 12 and perfect for school. It doesn’t have many colors on it, mostly different shades of brown with some yellows and blues. About two-thirds of the way down the front there is a ribbon with an intricate design. Under the ribbon there are two lines of beads, one is a neutral color and the other is a very dark brown. Just under the beads is an odd shaped patch with the edges curling up. Along the bottom of my purse is fringe  that is a mix of sunset yellow, dark brown, a pastel blue, and a neutral brown.

The inside of my purse is a mess with a bit of organization. I have one pocked inside where my phone and a pair of headphones reside. In the main part of my purse, I have my red wallet because, according to my mom, great grandma always said if you have a red wallet you’ll always have money. My wallet used to be my mom’s til I borrowed it and never gave it back. In my purse you’ll also find three pencils, two highlights (different colors of course), one red pen whose cap has been chewed, a pen from campaign season and some Health notes. I also have an empty pack of gum and a sharpie


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Vignette: Homework

On an average day, I have a pretty light load of homework. It usual consists of math problems and a science worksheet. Since I think that both of those subjects are quite easy, I can get done in less than a half hour, depending on how much I get done in school.

Three afternoons a week I have track practice from 4:30-5:30. On those days I do my homework right after school in the cafeteria. On Tuesday nights I have hand bell choir practice at 7:30, so I go home right away and do my homework. On Friday, though, I go home and party for a half hour before settling down to do my homework.

I always do all of my written homework first, such as math. Next I study for any test I have the next day. Finally, I do any reading that need to be done for classes, such as novel reading, because I love to read.

After I finish my homework, I read my latest novel or write. I usually don’t allow myself online til 7. It doesn’t bother me though because that is when I do most of my reading. I can read an over 200 page novel in over a week because of it.

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What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen? How did it affect you?

The most beautiful thing I have ever seen, such a broad topic filled with many things. They rang from things as simple as the rain to bigger things like a baby. Many people who choose to write on this topic will probably choose the bigger things. I, on the other hand, have learned to look at the little things and enjoy the beautiful, simple, everyday things that many people often forget about because they are so ordinary. The most beautiful I have ever seen, well its a tie between the wind and the rain.

The rain. Many people find it unpleasant and annoying. I find it cleansing. Often, other people find it strange that I enjoy going outside when its pouring rain. My motto is, the harder the better just hold the lightning and the thunder. Whenever I go out in the rain I feel like I’m washing away all the bad things that have happened to me and for just a few minutes they are. I get to feel like a little kid again as I jump into puddles and dance like there’s no tomorrow! The rain gives me the strength and life I need to make it through.

The wind. Its another one of those things people see as a bad thing. Sure it blows things everywhere and messes up your hair but anyone who’s ever felt the wind flowing through her hair knows how it makes you feel. The wind in your hair gives you a powerful feeling of freedom. Sure, you can’t see the wind with your naked eye but you can see it with your other senses. For example, Helen Keller could feel the wind with her cheeks even if she couldn’t see it with her eyes or hear it blowing in her ears.

Over and over again its been said that beauty is in the beholder. In simple terms it means that even though you don’t find something beautiful doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful, its just not your cup of tea. In my eye, nature is the most beautiful I have ever seen.

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Connecting with Writers

So if any of you are currently subscribed to my blog or are looking for my fiction, You can skip reading the majority of this. This is a rare occasion where I write something informational. The only thing I ask you do, is leave a comment on this blog introducing yourself, feel free to say whatever. Please leave your blog address so that students can come and see your work. Please note though, I am showing this to my infotech class and will delete any comments I deem inappropriate. Thanks guys!

Okay, so if you’re not one of those people, here’s what I got for ya. I’m around, everywhere. I’m on here, twitter, a chatroom, some forums and I even have a place where I submit work every Friday. Technology is all around us and you’re constantly hearing people curse about how bad it is and that people rely on it too much.  Some of that is true, but only to an extent. There are many people using technology to connect to their audiences. Celebrities are using it to talk to their fans. Fans are using it to connect to each other. How are writers using it? We are using it to connect to each other, to people who want to read the stuff of up and coming authors, and to editors, publishers, etc who are looking for the works of the up and comings. Take a poll of 1oo authors asking them if they like paper and pencil or typing, and your results will be about 50/50. I personally use both techniques. If I get a great idea at school, its in my notebook, at least the idea is. Usual on Fridays after my homework is done, you’ll find me at my computer, typing away anxiously hoping to get my rough draft in by 9pm, 10 at the latest. I post up here and  my editor in Virginia comes in and checks it out for me. After I revise it, I head over and post it in the collector. Once I’m there, I read the two stories above and below mine. If I have nothing else going on that night, I usually go through and read the stuff of the people who are submitting their first story in there. I leave them a review with my opinion because even if its constructive criticism, it means someone took the time to read this and they think its good enough to help you out. Technology is our friend, forget the critics, forget what THEY say, this is our world. This is our future, and if technology is helping us get to where we want to go, I’m thinking we need to keep it around for awhile.

Below are some comments from actual writers who use social media. Take some time to look over them and maybe check out some of their works.

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