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Death by Handbells

You see officer, the situation is unusual but not unexpected. Both Jen and Caitlin hated each other. Earlier tonight, they were at it again, arguing. Jen always borrowed money from Caitlin but never payed her back. I heard that Jen even stole it a few times. I also heard that Jen owed Caitlin over a thousand dollars. Well, tonight, their fighting was even worse than usual. In fact, it’d never been so bad. People kept trying to break it up but no one could. We gave up and just watched them. It started with words and slowly elevated. There was slapping, then punching, and then Jen just walked away. Well, Caitlin, who I heard from Katie, who heard from Jane, who overheard Marissa, who was talking to Alex, who talked to Caitlin’s cousin’s girlfriend’s sister, that she has a wicked temper. Well, Caitlin picked up a D7 bell and threw it at Jen. Then Jen just turned around and screamed. She sprinted toward Caitlin who’d already picked up another bell, a C6,  and was flinging it at Jen. Jen got one, a G5, and threw it at Caitlin, and that’s how it went until Caitlin picked up an F4 and Jen picked up an A4, then they hit each other on the head at the same time. They dropped and that’s when we called you guys. That’s how it happened officer, I swear. Just ask anyone, I’m not lying.


Blue Christmas

Christmas is a time of joy for everyone. Everyone except Leah that is. You see for Leah, Christmas is a time of more sorrow than usual. When she was eight, Leah’s father abandoned her and her mother, the day before Christmas. The next year her mother committed suicide, on Christmas. Over the next five years, she went through three different foster familes and four different schools. This year she was with a family who was trying their best to “fix” her and they were determined to not give up. Leah had been with them for just over two years. After her mother had committed suicide, Leah hid away. Kids started to bully her and so she became angry and violent, but she was also sad at the same time. She’d throw punches at a kid and then run off and cry. She’d developed though, when Leah hit kids now she didn’t cry anymore. She just stood there and then later cried at home. Everyone assumed she was crying because she’d been caught and that she was throwing punches as a form of rebellion.
Leah couldn’t take it anymore. There were cuts up and down her arms and around her body. She wore long sleeves constantly and no one ever noticed. No one noticed Leah except when she hit and was violent. She was just a part of the backround. Her foster family never noticed her, they rarely tried to make conversation with her at the dinner table and only occasionally noticed when she said something related to the conversation. Leah was nothing and no one would miss her.
That’s why on Christmas morning, five years after her mother’s death, Leah found herself standing in the bathroom with a bottle of pills in her hand and a warmth bath sitting there. Leah stepped into the bath with a handful of the pills and swallowed them. She sat there waiting for them to take over and kill her.


The Technological Murder

“He was killed with a what?!”


“An Ipad, first generation”


“I want the hard drive, gotta be a reason the killer chose that weapon.”


“That’s going to be a bit of an issue sir.”


“Why the hell so?”


“The killer used that hammer over there to smash the hard drive.”


“Wait, so let me get this straight, the killer used the Ipad  to kill the man but then used the hammar to smash the hard drive?”


“Yes Sir.”


“Okay what else do we know about our vic?”


“Mr. Jones, 36, high school teacher.”


“You talk to anyone?”


“Yeah one of his colleagues says he teaches all the German classes and wasn’t well liked.”


“Start checking his students’ alibis.”


“Yes, Sir.”


Quick Note, If you all would please check out this link  it’s the story of my bullying expirences and something I think everyone needs to see. 


A 9/11 Fiction Story

For those of us in the US, 9/11 is Sunday and it’s a very significant day. This stories in memory of those who died and especially their families. 


I was five years old when the planes hit. Lizzy had just turned one. My mom had gone to meet her friend who worked in the Towers for breakfast that morning. She called us at 10:30. She told dad to give me the phone and I’ll never forget the exact words she said to me, “Alex sweetheart, I know you don’t like your sister right now but you’re her brother and you need to protect her from everything and make sure she knows that I’m watching you guys. Alex, I’m proud of you, remember that okay? No matter what you do I’m proud. I love you so much buddy. Now give your daddy the phone.” Mom didn’t come home that night…or every again.


Five years after that day, my dad remarried. I don’t like this woman, Janice, but since dad’s been with her it’s the happiest he’s been since mom died. I got a stepbrother out of it, Richard. He’s seventeen and I’m only allowed to call him Rick when Janice isn’t around. She hates nicknames. She calls me Alexander and Lizzy, Elizabeth. I almost forgot! Dad and Janice had a kid together, Amanda. (I call her Mandy when Janice isn’t around.) Mandy turned two in July.


But, back to the topic at hand. During the week it happened, I see my mother’s grave three times. I take Lizzy at some point in the week like we do every week. Then we have a tradition starting on the 7th.


On the 7th my dad goes alone. He visits mom’s grave once a month.


On the 8th, Janice drags us to the site and her, Rick, and Mandy honor all the dead in the Towers. Lizzy, Dad, and I honor all the first responders. Janice only thinks about the corporate people working there and that the first responders weren’t trying. Dad and I know they were trying to save as many people as they could and that’s what I’ve taught Lizzy.


On the 9th,Dad and Lizzy go and visit mom’s grave alone then head to the site and spend more time alone there.


On the 10th, Dad and I go to mom’s grave then head over to the site.


On the anniversary the three of us rewatch the newscast then visit mom’s grave again and have a picnic with her. The day is rounded out with another trip to the site where we give every emergency personnel we see a flower, a hug, and a thanks. Janice and Rick know to avoid Lizzy and me on this day. We cry in our room at night but if they come near we get really angry. Lizzy and I are really close. It’s my way of protecting her. Tonight, we’ll sleep in my room. We know the bad dreams will come but they won’t be as bad as the one we wake up too on September 12, 2011. The one that starts with Janice’s scream.


A Love Story

Jessica didn’t even want to be here. She would have rather gone out with her boyfriend. He’d asked her if she wanted to go out this evening but she’d been force to tell him no because her mother had forced her to come here. It was a masquerade ball for teens. It was just the teens from her mom’s work so Andrew couldn’t come with her. She wasn’t going to have a good time.
She felt a tap on her shoulder, which stirred her out of her trance, and saw someone standing there, “Shall we dance?” The stranger (she refused to think “handsome stranger,” too cliché plus she couldn’t even see his face) bowed & held out a hand. “Why Not?” she thought as she gracefully nodded and took the stranger’s hand. She was never going to figure out who this was, although his voice sounded familer, she shook it off.

They stepped onto the one place she had been avoiding all night just as a slow song came on. Jessie and the stranger danced to the music. She was being cautious and didn’t want to go to far because, while she’d never see this man again, she just couldn’t deal with the guilt of knowing she’d cheated. The boy was a fantastic dancer and seemed to be acting just as cautious as Jessie was. His eyes, well what she could see of them through the mask, they looked so familier. They couldn’t be…no they weren’t… but it would fit with the voice. No, that’s impossible. Jessie missed her boyfriend so much, she was seeing and hearing things.

When the song ended Jessie bowed to her partner and thanked him for the dance. She tried to walk back to the corner where she had been standing but someone grabbed her arm. It was the same boy she’d just danced with. “Well, I”m here, so I see no reason not to dance.” So Jessie danced a few more songs with him before another slow song came on. Jessie felt more comfortable now and stood closer to the boy. It felt like she’d known him for a while. Jessie was standing close enough that she happened to catch what the boy smelled like. Like his eyes and voice, the scent was familier and comforting. She really needed to see her boyfriend soon or she was going to go crazy. “Wait a minute,” she thought “There is no going to, I am crazy. There is no way Andrew is here.” Just as the last song finished she heard a clock strike midnight. She had to get out of there or she was dead meat. She bowed to the boy then dashed out the door. In her rush to leave she had accidently lost her wallet, which had been attached to her leg because you never know when you need money. The boy she’d been dancing with all night saw this and picked it up. He’d give it back to her eventually.
Jessie got to the car and was almost home before she noticed that her wallet was gone. She was dead. She tried her best to keep a straight face and not let on that it was gone. If her mother had found out she’d lost her wallet… Jessie shuddered inwardly at the thought.



The next morning at school Jessie saw the boy she’d been thinking about the entire time at the dance, Andrew. She walked up and kissed him on the cheek. They talked until the bell rang and when it did, Andrew put something in her hand. It was her wallet. “Maybe I’m not going crazy,” Jessie said to herself as she gave her boyfriend another kiss on the cheek and headed off to class thinking about how the whole thing reminded her of some fairytale.

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A Storm

It was three in the afternoon when the storm began. She was sitting by the window watching the sky like she did every day after school. She noticed the dark clouds moving in toward her. She sensed there was a storm brewing but she didn’t move from her seat.

It started with the rain. The rain came down slowly at first but picked up speed quickly. Next came the lightening, streaking across the sky. First it was hidden in the clouds but she saw the bolts of light up the dark sky. After the lightning appeared, the thunder made itself known. The loud claps shook her tiny house. A few moments later, the wind whooshed through the trees and around the bushes. About midway through the storm, hail appeared and tapped on the window where she was sitting. She didn’t move though. She sat there taking it all in.

Just as quickly as the whole show began, it ended. She waited until the last of the hail hit her window, the last gust of wind ran through the trees, the last clap of thunder shook the yard, the last bolt split the sky, and the last rain drop fell until she got up from her seat and did her homework.


Young Love Part 2

They broke apart.

“Carrie, I hate to ask you this but, I have go to tell Jeremy about his girlfriend being a cheater, will you come with me?”

“Of course I will. You’re going to need someone to be there in case it backfires and I’m ecstatic that you picked me of all people.”

“Thank you. God, you so sweet. What did I do to deserve you?”

“You were adorable,” she teased. “Now come on, I know your stalling. Grab your sweatshirt, let’s go.” She grabbed a sweatshirt for herself then pulled him out of her room and down the stairs. They stepped outside and the cold hit them. They quickly put on their sweatshirts then started down the street to Jeremy’s house.

They talked about things that had been going on in their lives. Both of them avoiding the topic of what was to come. Carrie had to admit. She was dreading this as much as Mike was. Jeremy was one of the first guys, other than Mike of course, to see past the fact that she was a sixth grader and welcome her as a friend.

All too quickly they reached Jeremy’s house. Mike looked to Carrie and she squeezed his hand in assurance. He responded by holding her hand a little tighter.

Jeremy’s mom let them up to his room. Mike and Carrie walked in and saw Ashley sitting on Jeremy’s lap.

“I see you haven’t told him.” Mike said who had been secretly hoping she would have.

“What do you mean?” Ashley said, a warning look in her eyes.

“Tell me what?” Jeremy asked, confused on the whole situation

“Nothing,” Ashley quickly said.

Not seeing a better way to do it, Jeremy ripped off the bandage and said, “Your girlfriend is a cheater. She kissed me after practice.”

Jeremy looked at Mike, so many questions going through his mind. He decided to start with, “What proof do you have?”

Carrie, who had been silent through the whole ordeal, spoke up saying, “I saw her do it. I was waiting for Mike because I was finally going to tell him I had a crush on him and I just happened to look over because I thought someone was staring.”

“Well, you kissed me back.” Ashley argued.

“You what?” Jeremy said shooting dagers at his friend.

“I was staring at my girlfriend, noticing how pretty she looked with her glasses that she hates for no good reason because they look adorable on her and I was so caught up in admiring her and working up the courage to ask her out, I thought she was the one kissing me.”

“Okay, we’re going to talk about the liking a girl and getting a girlfriend without telling me in a second. First, Ashley, get the hell out of my house and if I ever see you around here again I will me taking a fist to your face. Also, come back begging for mercy and Mike here will be putting the fist in your face, and trust me when I say that you want it to be me that hits you.” Jeremy said stern and anger.

Ashley huffed and walked out of the room but not before kissing Mike again. This time knowing exactly who it was, he pushed her away. Carrie, pissed that this chick had not only kissed him once today but had the nerve to do it again in front of her, put her fist into Ashley’s face. The boys were surprised at the small girl’s strength when Ashely’s nose started to bleed.

“Oh yeah,” Jeremy started, a mix of stunned, delight, and anger, “I forgot to say, if you mess with Mike here, Carrie here will be putting a fist to your face. Now, get the hell out of my house.”

Ashley ran out of the room and down the stairs. As soon as he heard the front door slam, Jeremy lost it. He broke down in tears. “I really liked her. I may be a hockey player but I can’t get a date. She’s the only one who even wanted to go out with me. I’m going to die alone.”

“Come on buddy, We’ll go buy you some ice cream.” Mike told his friend. Jeremy nodded and The trio started their trek down to the local ice cream parlor.


Young Love

He looked out his window and saw Carrie walking down the street. They’d known each other since forever. He thought she was really pretty and knew she was really nice. Carrie had a crush on him and he knew it. He was in eighth grade. Was it uncool to go out with a sixth grader? Did it matter? He liked her and she liked him, what else mattered? People would talk. A sixth grader and an eighth grader, that was like a twenty year old and fifty year old to them. Plus what if it didn’t work out? He could lose the great friendship they’d built up. If he didn’t act soon though, she would be with another guy, a sixth grader. Mike shuddered at the thought. There was something different about her. Wait….didn’t he have something to do today? He looked down at his watch. Crap, he had hockey practice in a half hour.

After practice, Mike looked at the girls who had shown up to watch. Most of them were the girlfriends of the other guys on the team. He saw a few eighth graders who were single but they weren’t as pretty as the girl on the end of the third row, sitting alone reading. She wasn’t an eighth grader, no, she was the sixth grader who had occupied his thoughts before practice. He had a decision to make, go for it or not go for it.

After talking to Jeremy, the goalie, he walked out of the locker room and saw Carrie reading her book while she waited for him. He walked over to her with a smile on his face. She looked so pretty with her hair in a ponytail and glasses just sitting on her face. The blue sweatshirt she was wearing complimented her brown eyes so perfectly. Suddenly someone was kissing him. He was so lost in his thoughts, he thought he was kissing the girl with the pretty brown eyes. He opened his eyes only to see that it was Jeremy’s girlfriend. He looked past her for a split second to see if Carrie had seen them and just saw the back of her. He’d screwed up big time. He’d give Carrie some time to cool off. Right now, he had a bigger problem on his hands.

“What the hell are you doing?” Mike shouted

“Kissing the man I love.” She said

“Ashley, you’re dating Jeremy. He’s the man you love not me.”

“Oh, but can’t I love two men at the same time?”

“No, never!” Mike was still shouting

“Oh come on, I know you have feelings for me. Just admit it.” Ashely said in a calm, sexy voice.

“No, I… I love Carrie, not you. Now go, and if you don’t tell Jeremy you’re a cheater, I will.” Mike shouted this then walked off to see Carrie.

Mike walked rather slowly to Carrie’s house. He was dreading this. She was going to be all upset and then she wouldn’t believe that he loved her. This mess was horrible. He couldn’t forget that when he got done at Carrie’s house, he had to go tell one of his best friends that his girlfriend was a cheater.

He took a deep breath as he knocked on the door of the house next to his. He greeted Carrie’s mother then went upstairs. He gently knocked on Carrie’s bedroom door before entering. When he saw the sight before him, he was devastated. He slowly walked over to the young woman he loved and sat down beside her. Before he could even get a word out, she told him to get out.

“It wasn’t what you thought,” he said calmly and quietly.

“Of course it wasn’t, get out,” she said with a mix of sadness and anger. Then she started looking down

“Please let me explain,” he begged as tears began to form in his eyes.

“What’s there to explain? You like her more than me and you’re okay with helping your friend’s girlfriend cheat on your friend. It’s as simple as that,” she said, this time with more anger.

A few tears fell down his face as he said, “It’s not that at all.” He paused for a second hesitating on what to say next. “I like you… a lot.”

She finally looked up and saw the tears that had fallen. She took the pad of her thumb and wiped them away before saying, “But you’re an eighth grader and I’m just a sixth grader.”

“It doesn’t matter. My parents are five years apart. You and I, we’re only three years apart. We can make this work.”

“What about the other kids?”

“Who cares? So, Catherine Lynn Wainwright, will you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes, Michael Josh Kaplin, I will be your girlfriend.” They smiled at each other then he leaned in and gave her a big bear hug.


Simple Gestures

“Mommy,  Are we going to the parade today?”
“Yes ladybug.”
“Then are we going swimming and to the fireworks?”
“Mmmhmmm.” Carly was putting together the things they would need for their day while her husband got ready. It was Fourth of July and Mandy was excited. She loved all the celebrations but didn’t quite understand the meaning of the day yet.


Carly watched as Mandy ran out to grab the candy. They were sitting on the side of the curb at the Annual Mayton Fourth of July parade. She was captivated by each float, especially the ones with red. It was her favorite color.The service men and women passed by them and Carly stood up and saluted.
“Mommy? What are you doing?”

“You see ladybug, I used to be one of them. I wore the uniform and protected all the people in this country. So this is how we show respect to each other.”

A little while later there was another group of service men and women. This time when they came by, Mandy stood up and yelled, “Thank you!” Carly noticed one of the Marines while she was saluting and grinned. It was a good thing they’d sat near  the end of the parade.
After the last float had passed, Mandy held her dad’s hand as Carly headed down the street. “Hurry up, Daddy!” Mandy pulled him, hot on Carly’s heels.

“Carly, is that you Carly?” One of the Marines said.


“It’s me, Carly.”

“It’s good to see you, Abby. How have you been?”

“You know, same old same old. I shoot at them, they shoot at me. I’m home for a few months now which is nice.”

“Good to hear. Abby, this is my daughter, Mandy.”

“Hi Abby, thank you for keeping me safe.” Mandy said in her sweet child voice.

“Why you’re most welcome Mandy.” Abby responded.

“Hey Mandy,” Carly said, “Would you like Abby to spend the day with us?”

“That would be so much fun. We’re going to see the fireworks and go swimming.”

“Well, that sounds like too much fun to miss. I’d love to spend the day with you guys.”

“Yay, come on, we have to go get our stuff and then we can go swimming.” Mandy said as she pulled Abby by the hand.

The adults laughed then followed the young girl, talking and catching up along the way.


Love At The Lake

Patty followed the melody out of her yard and down the street, vaguely returning waves. She took a sharp turn into the woods. She kept hearing the sweet music as she wandered past several trees, deeper and deeper into the forest. She nearly hit several branches and the bugs were everywhere. Patty was lucky she had been relaxing in her jeans when the sweet chords of the guitar first reached her ears. She’d lived near these thick woods all her life. She’d never been this far in before but the guitar chords drew her in with each note they played. Each one just a hair louder than the one before.

Patty had been following the soft strumming of the guitar for a good mile and it sounded like she was almost there. She pushed back a few more bushes when she saw a small lake. She saw the source of the beautiful music. He was sitting on a small cliff on the side of the lake. His hair was auburn and it complimented his deep blue eyes perfectly. He seemed to concentrate on his guitar. It was a beautiful guitar made of Brazilian Rosewood. Patty stood there for a while just watching him play.

After a few moments he looked up and saw her brown eyes staring back at him. “Who are you?” the mystery man asked.

“I’m Patty. Who are you?”

“I’m Tim. What are you doing here Patty?”

“I heard your music and I followed it here. This place is magnificent. How did you find it?”

“Was walking in the woods one day, found it and claimed it mine.”

“Well, do you mind if I come here sometimes?”

“A pretty lady like you? Of course not.”

Patty blushed and sat near the base of the cliff. “Do you play any of your own stuff?”

“Here and there, the places I play, they just want the hits. Nobody wants to hear what one guy has, they just want what everybody else has.”

Tim and Patty sat around for a few more hours. Tim strumming his guitar and Patty either dancing or staring at the water and occasionally at him. She saw the sun starting to set and knew she needed to head back so she could find her way home.

“I’m going to head out. It was nice to meet you Tim.”

“Hey Patty.”

“Yeah, Tim.”

“I was wondering if, maybe, sometime, you wanted to go out somewhere with me?”

“I’d like that.”

“Then sometime soon.”

“Sometime soon then. Goodbye Tim.”

“Goodbye Patty.” And with that, Patty started her journey back through the woods with a smile on her face.