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on 07/13/2012

Isabelle came home from her first month at Montsburg High to find her mother waiting for her. She knew what this meant and before her mother could even get the words out she spoke sternly saying, “No.”

“I’m sorry Isabelle, but we have no other choice.”


“I can’t change this. We leave next Sunday.”

“I’m not sure if you heard me but I said no. In case you didn’t catch the implication, I’m not going.” She spoke louder this time

“Isabelle,” Her mother started but she was interrupted.

“I’ll find somewhere else to live. I’m happy here, happier than I’ve been at other schools. I’m in love with Michael. He’s the sweetest boy who treats me like a lady should be treated. My teachers are amazing. My classes are challenging but not too hard and I just all around love it here. I’m not moving because you can’t say no to your company.” Isabelle was yelling by now. “Are you trying to make my life harder? ”

“Isabelle Marie, How dare you accuse me of not only trying to make your life harder but also that I can’t say no? We are moving and that’s final.” Isabelle rolled her eyes then ran to her room. Isabelle fell onto her bed and cried.

After a few minutes she heard her door open. “Go away, mom.” She said into her pillow.

The door shut but then her bed dip and Isabelle said, “Mom, I don’t want to hear it, go away.” She didn’t hear the door again but instead felt the bed dip once again and a strong pair of arms come around her.

“Your mom told me what was going on, Izzie.” Michael spoke softly.

“I don’t want to go. I love it here. I’ve never been happier in one place.” Isabelle said, turning her head so she spoke into his neck. “I’ll find a way to make it on my own.”

“You know she told me to come up here and break up with you. I asked her why she was trying to make it harder than it was. You know what she said?”

“No, what?”

“She asked me if I’d teamed up with you. She told me that she didn’t like being accused of making your life harder on purpose. She said that if I broke up with you then you would want to leave. I told her, I didn’t want you to leave so she suggested that I move with you guys.”
Isabelle lifted her head up and looked at him, “You know if I go to school here for two years, that’ll be the longest I’ve stayed in one place. I don’t want to leave Michael. I want to stay here with you and Kayla and Laura and Josh and even Alex. I’ll miss you the most if I leave and yeah I’d like to take you with me but I want to keep all of it. I don’t want to compromise. I’ve compromised by not arguing when we moved all the other times. I want it my way, just this once.” She said, nuzzling closer to him, seeking comfort.

“We’ll think of something Izzie.” Michael replied, holding her as close as he could, trying not to show his own fear of losing her.


One response to “Accusation

  1. JC Rosen says:

    Ah, my heart is tearing for Isabelle. Settled in with love and friends only to be threatened with abrupt uprooting. They have to solve this somehow. Won’t be easy, but nothing really worthwhile is. Thanks!

    Take care,

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