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Blue Christmas

on 12/23/2011

Christmas is a time of joy for everyone. Everyone except Leah that is. You see for Leah, Christmas is a time of more sorrow than usual. When she was eight, Leah’s father abandoned her and her mother, the day before Christmas. The next year her mother committed suicide, on Christmas. Over the next five years, she went through three different foster familes and four different schools. This year she was with a family who was trying their best to “fix” her and they were determined to not give up. Leah had been with them for just over two years. After her mother had committed suicide, Leah hid away. Kids started to bully her and so she became angry and violent, but she was also sad at the same time. She’d throw punches at a kid and then run off and cry. She’d developed though, when Leah hit kids now she didn’t cry anymore. She just stood there and then later cried at home. Everyone assumed she was crying because she’d been caught and that she was throwing punches as a form of rebellion.
Leah couldn’t take it anymore. There were cuts up and down her arms and around her body. She wore long sleeves constantly and no one ever noticed. No one noticed Leah except when she hit and was violent. She was just a part of the backround. Her foster family never noticed her, they rarely tried to make conversation with her at the dinner table and only occasionally noticed when she said something related to the conversation. Leah was nothing and no one would miss her.
That’s why on Christmas morning, five years after her mother’s death, Leah found herself standing in the bathroom with a bottle of pills in her hand and a warmth bath sitting there. Leah stepped into the bath with a handful of the pills and swallowed them. She sat there waiting for them to take over and kill her.


5 responses to “Blue Christmas

  1. JC Rosen says:

    This is such a powerful piece. The title is sadly appropriate. The story is quite a departure from your usual stories. Stretching like that is great for a writer, so kudos to you for doing it.

    Merry Christmas and take care,

  2. Richard Bon says:

    Gripping and sad and had me from start to finish. I like the choices you made regarding what to tell us and what to leave out about those five years after her mother’s suicide. Well done.

  3. John Wiswell says:

    I’m not gripped, just sad for the repression and giving in to challenge. If more people challenged this, or simply gave into empathy, it’d be a better world.

  4. A.M. Harte says:

    I agree with John – very sad piece.

  5. Lara Dunning says:

    Wow. Heavy dose of the blues. Very powerful. I’d like to see this rewritten in her head and thoughts. Although that might be a real downer. I would suggest breaking the paragraph up a bit with carriage returns and or indents.

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