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Red: A poem

on 12/16/2011

Red is the blood that slowly drips from the knife,

just pulled from a soul once living.

Red are the lights that shine with the blue,

as the man responsible is taken to jail.

Red is the ink that flows from the pen,

as the editor works to perfect the piece.

Red are the bulls on the can,

that keep her from sleeping at her desk.

Red is the light opposite of green,

that stops the cars.

Red is the stop sign,

that everyone ignores.

Red is the little notification in the corner,

telling you there’s something new for you.

Red is the background of your favorite blog,

filled with posts that just make your day.

Red is the tattoo on the foot of a young girl,

one of a simple heart with wings.

Red is the stripe of a candy cane,

sweet with peppermint.

Red is cherry bread,

sweet and warm.

Red is apples,

crisp and juicy.

Red is pain,

the kind that no one can see.

Red is the blood dripping from the blade,

as a young girl makes another cut in her arm.

Red is happiness,

as we open another can of Coke.

Red is the succulent strawberry,

giving us nourishment.

Red is the juice that we drink,

pleasing our tongue.

Red is the color of the team,

that’s going to win the World Series this year.

Red is us,

the people of this earth.

Red runs through our hearts and veins,

separating the living from the dead.


2 responses to “Red: A poem

  1. JC Rosen says:

    Powerful images and implied emotions here. I really enjoyed the differences you pulled me through: the sweetness of the cherry bread, the sadness for the girl among many others. I find myself exploring other colors in my mind now. Thank you for sharing this.

    Take care,

  2. fangirlwriter says:

    Nice. I like the juxtaposition of light and dark for the color red: murder and food, cutting and team, etc. Felt very day-in-the-life to me (although I’m glad some of those aren’t a day in MY life!).

    Also like that you used the color red. Looks good against the cool blue of your background, and the cold feeling from the snow. Very clean and spare.

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