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A Love Story

on 09/02/2011

Jessica didn’t even want to be here. She would have rather gone out with her boyfriend. He’d asked her if she wanted to go out this evening but she’d been force to tell him no because her mother had forced her to come here. It was a masquerade ball for teens. It was just the teens from her mom’s work so Andrew couldn’t come with her. She wasn’t going to have a good time.
She felt a tap on her shoulder, which stirred her out of her trance, and saw someone standing there, “Shall we dance?” The stranger (she refused to think “handsome stranger,” too cliché plus she couldn’t even see his face) bowed & held out a hand. “Why Not?” she thought as she gracefully nodded and took the stranger’s hand. She was never going to figure out who this was, although his voice sounded familer, she shook it off.

They stepped onto the one place she had been avoiding all night just as a slow song came on. Jessie and the stranger danced to the music. She was being cautious and didn’t want to go to far because, while she’d never see this man again, she just couldn’t deal with the guilt of knowing she’d cheated. The boy was a fantastic dancer and seemed to be acting just as cautious as Jessie was. His eyes, well what she could see of them through the mask, they looked so familier. They couldn’t be…no they weren’t… but it would fit with the voice. No, that’s impossible. Jessie missed her boyfriend so much, she was seeing and hearing things.

When the song ended Jessie bowed to her partner and thanked him for the dance. She tried to walk back to the corner where she had been standing but someone grabbed her arm. It was the same boy she’d just danced with. “Well, I”m here, so I see no reason not to dance.” So Jessie danced a few more songs with him before another slow song came on. Jessie felt more comfortable now and stood closer to the boy. It felt like she’d known him for a while. Jessie was standing close enough that she happened to catch what the boy smelled like. Like his eyes and voice, the scent was familier and comforting. She really needed to see her boyfriend soon or she was going to go crazy. “Wait a minute,” she thought “There is no going to, I am crazy. There is no way Andrew is here.” Just as the last song finished she heard a clock strike midnight. She had to get out of there or she was dead meat. She bowed to the boy then dashed out the door. In her rush to leave she had accidently lost her wallet, which had been attached to her leg because you never know when you need money. The boy she’d been dancing with all night saw this and picked it up. He’d give it back to her eventually.
Jessie got to the car and was almost home before she noticed that her wallet was gone. She was dead. She tried her best to keep a straight face and not let on that it was gone. If her mother had found out she’d lost her wallet… Jessie shuddered inwardly at the thought.



The next morning at school Jessie saw the boy she’d been thinking about the entire time at the dance, Andrew. She walked up and kissed him on the cheek. They talked until the bell rang and when it did, Andrew put something in her hand. It was her wallet. “Maybe I’m not going crazy,” Jessie said to herself as she gave her boyfriend another kiss on the cheek and headed off to class thinking about how the whole thing reminded her of some fairytale.


One response to “A Love Story

  1. Sonia Lal says:

    Sweet love story! That was him all along. He should have said something.

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