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A Storm

on 08/12/2011

It was three in the afternoon when the storm began. She was sitting by the window watching the sky like she did every day after school. She noticed the dark clouds moving in toward her. She sensed there was a storm brewing but she didn’t move from her seat.

It started with the rain. The rain came down slowly at first but picked up speed quickly. Next came the lightening, streaking across the sky. First it was hidden in the clouds but she saw the bolts of light up the dark sky. After the lightning appeared, the thunder made itself known. The loud claps shook her tiny house. A few moments later, the wind whooshed through the trees and around the bushes. About midway through the storm, hail appeared and tapped on the window where she was sitting. She didn’t move though. She sat there taking it all in.

Just as quickly as the whole show began, it ended. She waited until the last of the hail hit her window, the last gust of wind ran through the trees, the last clap of thunder shook the yard, the last bolt split the sky, and the last rain drop fell until she got up from her seat and did her homework.


3 responses to “A Storm

  1. ~Tim says:

    I like watching storms too.

  2. Sonia Lal says:

    I like watching storms from the window, too.

  3. ericjkrause says:

    Yes, watching an incoming storm would be much preferable to homework. I agree.

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