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Young Love Part 2

on 07/15/2011

They broke apart.

“Carrie, I hate to ask you this but, I have go to tell Jeremy about his girlfriend being a cheater, will you come with me?”

“Of course I will. You’re going to need someone to be there in case it backfires and I’m ecstatic that you picked me of all people.”

“Thank you. God, you so sweet. What did I do to deserve you?”

“You were adorable,” she teased. “Now come on, I know your stalling. Grab your sweatshirt, let’s go.” She grabbed a sweatshirt for herself then pulled him out of her room and down the stairs. They stepped outside and the cold hit them. They quickly put on their sweatshirts then started down the street to Jeremy’s house.

They talked about things that had been going on in their lives. Both of them avoiding the topic of what was to come. Carrie had to admit. She was dreading this as much as Mike was. Jeremy was one of the first guys, other than Mike of course, to see past the fact that she was a sixth grader and welcome her as a friend.

All too quickly they reached Jeremy’s house. Mike looked to Carrie and she squeezed his hand in assurance. He responded by holding her hand a little tighter.

Jeremy’s mom let them up to his room. Mike and Carrie walked in and saw Ashley sitting on Jeremy’s lap.

“I see you haven’t told him.” Mike said who had been secretly hoping she would have.

“What do you mean?” Ashley said, a warning look in her eyes.

“Tell me what?” Jeremy asked, confused on the whole situation

“Nothing,” Ashley quickly said.

Not seeing a better way to do it, Jeremy ripped off the bandage and said, “Your girlfriend is a cheater. She kissed me after practice.”

Jeremy looked at Mike, so many questions going through his mind. He decided to start with, “What proof do you have?”

Carrie, who had been silent through the whole ordeal, spoke up saying, “I saw her do it. I was waiting for Mike because I was finally going to tell him I had a crush on him and I just happened to look over because I thought someone was staring.”

“Well, you kissed me back.” Ashley argued.

“You what?” Jeremy said shooting dagers at his friend.

“I was staring at my girlfriend, noticing how pretty she looked with her glasses that she hates for no good reason because they look adorable on her and I was so caught up in admiring her and working up the courage to ask her out, I thought she was the one kissing me.”

“Okay, we’re going to talk about the liking a girl and getting a girlfriend without telling me in a second. First, Ashley, get the hell out of my house and if I ever see you around here again I will me taking a fist to your face. Also, come back begging for mercy and Mike here will be putting the fist in your face, and trust me when I say that you want it to be me that hits you.” Jeremy said stern and anger.

Ashley huffed and walked out of the room but not before kissing Mike again. This time knowing exactly who it was, he pushed her away. Carrie, pissed that this chick had not only kissed him once today but had the nerve to do it again in front of her, put her fist into Ashley’s face. The boys were surprised at the small girl’s strength when Ashely’s nose started to bleed.

“Oh yeah,” Jeremy started, a mix of stunned, delight, and anger, “I forgot to say, if you mess with Mike here, Carrie here will be putting a fist to your face. Now, get the hell out of my house.”

Ashley ran out of the room and down the stairs. As soon as he heard the front door slam, Jeremy lost it. He broke down in tears. “I really liked her. I may be a hockey player but I can’t get a date. She’s the only one who even wanted to go out with me. I’m going to die alone.”

“Come on buddy, We’ll go buy you some ice cream.” Mike told his friend. Jeremy nodded and The trio started their trek down to the local ice cream parlor.


5 responses to “Young Love Part 2

  1. Craig Smith says:

    I wish I had friends like that in high school. And glad Ashley got what she deserved!

  2. Booyah! I’m liking this – oh yes! (and oh, how many times I would have loved to put a fist in someone’s face like that – way to go)

  3. Chuck Allen says:

    Carrie’s got spunk! I agree with their choice of ice cream as a way to deal with the situation. 🙂

  4. ~Tim says:

    Ice cream will make it all better… for now.

  5. I liked seeing a legitimate punch from a girl 🙂

    A little suggestion though for flash writing. The fewer the characters, the easier it is to read. It slowed me down a little bit to try and figure out who exactly everybody was. Once I did that though, the story turned out quite nice.

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