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Young Love

on 07/08/2011

He looked out his window and saw Carrie walking down the street. They’d known each other since forever. He thought she was really pretty and knew she was really nice. Carrie had a crush on him and he knew it. He was in eighth grade. Was it uncool to go out with a sixth grader? Did it matter? He liked her and she liked him, what else mattered? People would talk. A sixth grader and an eighth grader, that was like a twenty year old and fifty year old to them. Plus what if it didn’t work out? He could lose the great friendship they’d built up. If he didn’t act soon though, she would be with another guy, a sixth grader. Mike shuddered at the thought. There was something different about her. Wait….didn’t he have something to do today? He looked down at his watch. Crap, he had hockey practice in a half hour.

After practice, Mike looked at the girls who had shown up to watch. Most of them were the girlfriends of the other guys on the team. He saw a few eighth graders who were single but they weren’t as pretty as the girl on the end of the third row, sitting alone reading. She wasn’t an eighth grader, no, she was the sixth grader who had occupied his thoughts before practice. He had a decision to make, go for it or not go for it.

After talking to Jeremy, the goalie, he walked out of the locker room and saw Carrie reading her book while she waited for him. He walked over to her with a smile on his face. She looked so pretty with her hair in a ponytail and glasses just sitting on her face. The blue sweatshirt she was wearing complimented her brown eyes so perfectly. Suddenly someone was kissing him. He was so lost in his thoughts, he thought he was kissing the girl with the pretty brown eyes. He opened his eyes only to see that it was Jeremy’s girlfriend. He looked past her for a split second to see if Carrie had seen them and just saw the back of her. He’d screwed up big time. He’d give Carrie some time to cool off. Right now, he had a bigger problem on his hands.

“What the hell are you doing?” Mike shouted

“Kissing the man I love.” She said

“Ashley, you’re dating Jeremy. He’s the man you love not me.”

“Oh, but can’t I love two men at the same time?”

“No, never!” Mike was still shouting

“Oh come on, I know you have feelings for me. Just admit it.” Ashely said in a calm, sexy voice.

“No, I… I love Carrie, not you. Now go, and if you don’t tell Jeremy you’re a cheater, I will.” Mike shouted this then walked off to see Carrie.

Mike walked rather slowly to Carrie’s house. He was dreading this. She was going to be all upset and then she wouldn’t believe that he loved her. This mess was horrible. He couldn’t forget that when he got done at Carrie’s house, he had to go tell one of his best friends that his girlfriend was a cheater.

He took a deep breath as he knocked on the door of the house next to his. He greeted Carrie’s mother then went upstairs. He gently knocked on Carrie’s bedroom door before entering. When he saw the sight before him, he was devastated. He slowly walked over to the young woman he loved and sat down beside her. Before he could even get a word out, she told him to get out.

“It wasn’t what you thought,” he said calmly and quietly.

“Of course it wasn’t, get out,” she said with a mix of sadness and anger. Then she started looking down

“Please let me explain,” he begged as tears began to form in his eyes.

“What’s there to explain? You like her more than me and you’re okay with helping your friend’s girlfriend cheat on your friend. It’s as simple as that,” she said, this time with more anger.

A few tears fell down his face as he said, “It’s not that at all.” He paused for a second hesitating on what to say next. “I like you… a lot.”

She finally looked up and saw the tears that had fallen. She took the pad of her thumb and wiped them away before saying, “But you’re an eighth grader and I’m just a sixth grader.”

“It doesn’t matter. My parents are five years apart. You and I, we’re only three years apart. We can make this work.”

“What about the other kids?”

“Who cares? So, Catherine Lynn Wainwright, will you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes, Michael Josh Kaplin, I will be your girlfriend.” They smiled at each other then he leaned in and gave her a big bear hug.


9 responses to “Young Love

  1. ~Tim says:

    I wish I could say that men and women communicate with each other better when they’re older. Sadly, in my experience too often we don’t. This is a sweet story.

  2. Steph Hostman says:

    Oh you better keep going with this one, it’s so sweet.

  3. FARfetched says:

    You did a great job capturing the drama that is middle school! At least Carrie finally saw past her anger and to the truth.

  4. Sonia Lal says:

    Isn’t 6th grade a little young to have a boyfriend? LOL sweet misunderstanding though

  5. This is such a sweet story. I love at the end that he gives her a bear hug instead of a kiss. I also love how candid they are with each other.

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