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Simple Gestures

on 07/01/2011

“Mommy,  Are we going to the parade today?”
“Yes ladybug.”
“Then are we going swimming and to the fireworks?”
“Mmmhmmm.” Carly was putting together the things they would need for their day while her husband got ready. It was Fourth of July and Mandy was excited. She loved all the celebrations but didn’t quite understand the meaning of the day yet.


Carly watched as Mandy ran out to grab the candy. They were sitting on the side of the curb at the Annual Mayton Fourth of July parade. She was captivated by each float, especially the ones with red. It was her favorite color.The service men and women passed by them and Carly stood up and saluted.
“Mommy? What are you doing?”

“You see ladybug, I used to be one of them. I wore the uniform and protected all the people in this country. So this is how we show respect to each other.”

A little while later there was another group of service men and women. This time when they came by, Mandy stood up and yelled, “Thank you!” Carly noticed one of the Marines while she was saluting and grinned. It was a good thing they’d sat near  the end of the parade.
After the last float had passed, Mandy held her dad’s hand as Carly headed down the street. “Hurry up, Daddy!” Mandy pulled him, hot on Carly’s heels.

“Carly, is that you Carly?” One of the Marines said.


“It’s me, Carly.”

“It’s good to see you, Abby. How have you been?”

“You know, same old same old. I shoot at them, they shoot at me. I’m home for a few months now which is nice.”

“Good to hear. Abby, this is my daughter, Mandy.”

“Hi Abby, thank you for keeping me safe.” Mandy said in her sweet child voice.

“Why you’re most welcome Mandy.” Abby responded.

“Hey Mandy,” Carly said, “Would you like Abby to spend the day with us?”

“That would be so much fun. We’re going to see the fireworks and go swimming.”

“Well, that sounds like too much fun to miss. I’d love to spend the day with you guys.”

“Yay, come on, we have to go get our stuff and then we can go swimming.” Mandy said as she pulled Abby by the hand.

The adults laughed then followed the young girl, talking and catching up along the way.


6 responses to “Simple Gestures

  1. Anthony Deaver says:

    Very nice. And yes, it is / was such a simple gesture. One more of us need to make. Thank you for this.

  2. Sonia Lal says:

    aww this is such a sweet story!

  3. Craig Smith says:

    I liked it! I’ve always wanted to be in the USA during the 4th of July. All the fireworks etc. Must be amazing.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. JC Rosen says:

    Love how this heavy message is conveyed to Mandy in a light, effortless manner. It’s a sweet story and I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing it.

    Take care,

  5. ~Tim says:

    Sweet. We all should thank the people who fight to keep us safe.

  6. Chuck Allen says:

    Such a cute story!

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