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What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen? How did it affect you?

on 06/25/2011

The most beautiful thing I have ever seen, such a broad topic filled with many things. They rang from things as simple as the rain to bigger things like a baby. Many people who choose to write on this topic will probably choose the bigger things. I, on the other hand, have learned to look at the little things and enjoy the beautiful, simple, everyday things that many people often forget about because they are so ordinary. The most beautiful I have ever seen, well its a tie between the wind and the rain.

The rain. Many people find it unpleasant and annoying. I find it cleansing. Often, other people find it strange that I enjoy going outside when its pouring rain. My motto is, the harder the better just hold the lightning and the thunder. Whenever I go out in the rain I feel like I’m washing away all the bad things that have happened to me and for just a few minutes they are. I get to feel like a little kid again as I jump into puddles and dance like there’s no tomorrow! The rain gives me the strength and life I need to make it through.

The wind. Its another one of those things people see as a bad thing. Sure it blows things everywhere and messes up your hair but anyone who’s ever felt the wind flowing through her hair knows how it makes you feel. The wind in your hair gives you a powerful feeling of freedom. Sure, you can’t see the wind with your naked eye but you can see it with your other senses. For example, Helen Keller could feel the wind with her cheeks even if she couldn’t see it with her eyes or hear it blowing in her ears.

Over and over again its been said that beauty is in the beholder. In simple terms it means that even though you don’t find something beautiful doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful, its just not your cup of tea. In my eye, nature is the most beautiful I have ever seen.


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