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Vignette: My Purse

on 06/25/2011

My purse is exactly 12 by 12 and perfect for school. It doesn’t have many colors on it, mostly different shades of brown with some yellows and blues. About two-thirds of the way down the front there is a ribbon with an intricate design. Under the ribbon there are two lines of beads, one is a neutral color and the other is a very dark brown. Just under the beads is an odd shaped patch with the edges curling up. Along the bottom of my purse is fringe  that is a mix of sunset yellow, dark brown, a pastel blue, and a neutral brown.

The inside of my purse is a mess with a bit of organization. I have one pocked inside where my phone and a pair of headphones reside. In the main part of my purse, I have my red wallet because, according to my mom, great grandma always said if you have a red wallet you’ll always have money. My wallet used to be my mom’s til I borrowed it and never gave it back. In my purse you’ll also find three pencils, two highlights (different colors of course), one red pen whose cap has been chewed, a pen from campaign season and some Health notes. I also have an empty pack of gum and a sharpie



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