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Vignette: Homework

on 06/25/2011

On an average day, I have a pretty light load of homework. It usual consists of math problems and a science worksheet. Since I think that both of those subjects are quite easy, I can get done in less than a half hour, depending on how much I get done in school.

Three afternoons a week I have track practice from 4:30-5:30. On those days I do my homework right after school in the cafeteria. On Tuesday nights I have hand bell choir practice at 7:30, so I go home right away and do my homework. On Friday, though, I go home and party for a half hour before settling down to do my homework.

I always do all of my written homework first, such as math. Next I study for any test I have the next day. Finally, I do any reading that need to be done for classes, such as novel reading, because I love to read.

After I finish my homework, I read my latest novel or write. I usually don’t allow myself online til 7. It doesn’t bother me though because that is when I do most of my reading. I can read an over 200 page novel in over a week because of it.


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