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Candy World Prt. 2

on 06/10/2011

After they finished eating, Jamie and Courtney started walking again. They were in front of a building when Jamie asked, “Where are we?”

“The mall.”

“The what?”

“You know the mall.”

“Okay, I’ll bite. What’s a mall?” Jamie asked curiously

“You’ve never been to a mall?”

“Not that I remember. The last good thing I remember about my dad is we used to go to the park together.”

“Oh, well a mall is a place where you can buy stuff. Come on I’ll show you!”

So Jamie followed Courtney into the building. When they got in she just stopped and looked around. It was amazing. There were so many people. And those candies, they were there too! She watched as people were randomly walking along when they just stopped and took a bite out of one of the candies then just kept walking and the candies didn’t even care. She stood there until she felt Courtney pull her arm. “Come on. We’re gonna get you some furniture.”

“Okay.” Jamie was confused but followed her new friend.

They walked into one of the stores and Jamie looked around. There was so much furniture, and it was everywhere. Each piece had been handcrafted and it showed. After a few moments of admiring the beautiful works of art, it occured to Jamie that she had no way to pay for anything.

“Courtney, how are we going to get anything? I have no way to pay for anything.”

“Well, I”m buying you a bed for you birthday, no protesting, and then I guess we’ll have to come back another time and get you the rest of the stuff you need.”

“You really don’t have to…” Jamie started but Courtney interupted saying, “What did I just say about protesting?”

With that Jamie stopped talking and walked over to where the beds were. Courtney snuck up behind her and said, “If I catch you looking at price tags your in trouble.” After jumping at the sudden appearance of the person behind her, she went back to looking at the beds.

After searching for a few minutes she came upon one she really liked. It had a peppermint in the center of a line of M&Ms near the top of the headboard. Coming from the bottom of the peppermint were two licorice lines that made it look like she was sleeping in the opening of a curtain. There was a quilt lying on the bed was also very pretty.There were boxes as a result of the lines sown in the fabric. In each box was a different colored skittle and to Jamie it was so simple it was beautiful. “Hey Courtney?”


“I found it.”

“This one?”

“Yeah, its so pretty.”

“It is, I’ll get someone to come help us.”

After the bed had been bought and was set to be delivered, they walked over to Jamie’s new house to wait for the bed to arrive. When they got there, they found that the house had a couch, a fridge, and a tv.

“Wow, someone must have gotten too old and decided to leave their stuff. You can take it with you but some people are rich enough to just leave it.”

“Wow, that’s good for me. Hey look, there’s an upstairs. We can put the bed up there.”

So the bed was delivered and the girls were sitting on the couch relaxing when Jamie looked at her watch. It was 9pm. She needed to get home.

“Hey Courtney, I need to head home. Its 9pm at home so I got to go. How do I get home?”
Courtney looked at her watch, “Its time for me to head home too. I’ll tell you what, you watch me, then you do it. If you get stuck, start knocking on doors.”


“Candy Candy time was fun but take me home so I can come again.” and then Courtney was gone.

So Jamie repeated the same phrase she had just heard and in the blink of an eye she was back in the tunnel which had led her to Candy World. After about two seconds in the tunnel, she was dropped into her room. She knew her mom was asleep so she got into her pajamas and crawled into bed where she dreamed of Candy World and her next adventure there.


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