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Candy World Part 1

on 05/27/2011

They had gotten the short end of the stick. They would have meals but left hungry. Much to their luck it was just the two of them.
Today was Jamie’s eighth birthday and while usual she just got a few things but, this was a special birthday. Jamie was going to learn a secret that would change her life forever.

It started out like any regular birthday. She woke up and her mom had made her breakfast. Then Jamie went to school because it was Friday and her mom went to work. After school, Jamie came home to her empty house like usual and waited til her mom came home with chinese take out, her favorite, and a candy bar.
Jamie’s mom came home with the usual supplies but before she gave Jamie the chocolate bar she told her, “Today you are going to learn a secret that I have been waiting to share with you.”

“What is it mom?”

“There is a secret world for kids. You take any piece of candy and say a special spell while holding it and you get there. I’ll let you discover what it is for yourself. I wrote it down for you.”
Jamie looked at the piece of paper her mother had handed her. “I’ll be back later.” she said then took the candy bar in her hand and said the spell.

“Candy here, Candy there, Take me to a world where candy is everywhere.” Then, just as quickly as it began, it ended and Jamie was dropped onto a padded platform. Wait, a second, the platform was sticky. It was made out of gum, like gummy bears. Jamie got up and started walking around a little bit. She looked around and then all the sudden there was someone in her face.

“Hi, I’m Courtney. Welcome to Candy World. Feel free to eat as much as you want.”

“Hi, I’m Jamie.”

“Nice to meet you. Do you plan on staying here?”

“Probably all day today. I’m sotra just wondering around, my mom just told me how to get here and nothing about it.”

“Well, first we’re going to give you citizenship, then get you settled in. After that I’m getting you something to eat. You are so skinny.”

“I don’t usual eat a lot, not by choice, by, um, circumstances.” Jamie was very shy about telling people of her money issues. She didn’t want sympathy or money, like every kid, she just wanted to fit in.

“Oh, okay, as long as you’re not suffering from an eating disorder. Come on, Town Hall is this way. If we’re lucky, you can meet the queen.”
Jamie followed Courtney as they walked through the strange new world. She saw lots of kids but even more candies. She wanted to go and start eating, maybe then she would feel full for a change. They started over a bridge and when Jamie looked over she saw the river was made of chocolate. Courtney saw Jamie’s eyes grow big as they passed over the bridge and after they had crossed it said, “The river’s are made of chocolate but the streams are regular water, that you can drink. There are cocoa trees where the streams meet the rivers and when the beans are ripe they crack open and the cocoa falls into the river, turning the water into chocolate.”

“That’s so cool.”

“Here we are, the Town Hall.” They walked in when they heard, “Hey Sis.”

“That’s Laura, she’s a few years older than me. Hey Sis.” The pair walked over to the desk.

“Laura, this is Jamie. She just got here. Can you get her citizenship?”

“Absolutely. Laura asked Jamie a few questions, one of which was, “Your Birthday?”

“April 4, 2010”

“Hey, that’s today and your my age.” Courtney butted in.

“Happy Birthday. One last thing, we just need a picture for your I.D.”

So they set up the camera and got the picture. “Give me two minutes and I’ll have your I.D ready and you’ll officially a citizen here.”

“Okay, Courtney do you have any other siblings?”

“Yeah, I’ve got one brother. He turned 18 a month ago so he doesn’t hang around here anymore. I’ve got two younger sisters, their twins. They’re a year younger than me and started coming here with me and Laura a few months ago. How about you?”

“It’s just me and my mom. My dad….isn’t around anymore. I don’t like to talk about it.” Just then Laura came out and handed Jamie her new I.D.

Courtney started pulling Jamie away as she said goodbye. “Come on, we got to get you a new house, furniture, and you have to eat something before you leave.

“So off they headed to the Real Estate office. They walked in and headed over to the counter. “Hi, I’m looking for a house on Dahl Road.”The teen who was helping them looked at the computer. “There’s 3456 and 789 available.”

“3456, that’s right next to mine. She’ll take it.” Courtney said

“Okay, it’s all yours. You can move in whenever, I just need to see your I.D.”

Jamie handed over her card. The teen swiped it through a machine then gave it back to her.

“Your address has been added to your records.”

“Do I have to pay for it?” Jamie asked, unsure of what went on in this alternate universe.

“No, if you ever decide to move you will have to pay for the new house but your first house is free.”

“Cool, thank you.”

“Come on Jamie we need to get you something to eat.


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