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Love is Louder

on 04/29/2011

She enjoyed standing out with her mismatching clothes and bright colors. She was a happy, peppy fifth grader. She was different. She was okay with that.

They weren’t though

No, they hated her for it.

She wasn’t like them so they made her a target. An easy target for that matter. She was carefree. Shedidn’t pick up on what bullying was depsite the fact that every week the whole class had a class on bullying.When she figured out they were bullying  her, it was a few years later.

She had a few close friends so she wasn’t alone but it sure felt like it.

They tormented her.

Day in and day out, she was bullied. It was right to her face as there was no such thing as Facebook. They not only teased her. They disrespected her property.

She had named her school supplies and treated them like people. Why? because she could. She had an imagination.

They didn’t like her imagination so what were they to do about it. They took several of her pencils, erasers, and pens and threw them in the trash. She searched and searched for them. When she didn’t find them, it saddened her. What was worse was that they all sat around and laughed as she searched frantically.

She wanted to transfer schools. She could never work up the courage to ask her parents. Her father was a teacher at the school so she just lived through it. There was nothing she could do about it.

So they kept teasing her and she kept coming to school. They teased her about such small things. Her parents wouldn’t let her have a certain type of markers that everyone else had, so she got teased. She skipped out to her car, so she got teased.

The worst part of this whole story: she went to private school.

About 4 years later

High school, time to leave all of the bad things in the past behind.

This was it. She could finally leave her horrible and cruel past behind her. She could start over completely new. She was finally going to break away. She would become someone she liked to see in the mirror.

She has her two best friends from grade school at her side. The evil ones from grade school were gone. She chose to go to a school out of her local district, a place for her to learn so much more.

The year starts out great but then things started happening.

She found out that one of them was talking about her behind her back. Telling her new friend of her past. Things she did that were embarrassing and making up stories then claiming they were true.

She just stopped talking to her so-called friend, hoping she would take the hint. She did. The friend started acting nicer and so was forgiven. That same night, they and another friend got together and revealed her sanctuary to her friends. The place where people cared and helped her.

Did that matter to them, no. They went in and acted like crazy people. She felt like it was her fault and the people in her sanctuary assured her it wasn’t her fault. She couldn’t help but feel that way.

It was the last straw. She stopped talking to both of them. They kept trying to get her back but she held her ground. When they realized she wasn’t forgiving her anytime soon, they started acting like they were stalking her.

Despite it all, she refused her advances. She had trusted them. They never understood how hard they worked to earn her trust and respect. They threw it away like a rotten piece of fruit. They learned their lesson but too late. They were never going to earn back her trust.

The sad part is they saw the horrors the the first time. Worse, this was a highly respected private school.

30 years later

She looked out over her table. There were so many people in that book store. Each and everyone of them wanting her to sign their copy of her best-selling book.

One woman came up to the table and said, “Do you remember me? We went to grade school and high school together.”

Of course she remembered her. As a girl, she had been there through the first patch of seas. As a teen, she turned on her. She didn’t say that though, she just said, “I’m sorry, I don’t think I do. You must be confusing me with someone else.”

“No, I know its you. You lived just across the backyard from me for many years.”
“I’m sorry, I don’t know you. You have me confused with someone else.” She repeated and watched as the person who made her young life difficult walk away.

As soon as she was out of sight she smiled, she’d always wanted to do that. Karma’s a bitch, she thought to herself.

This is a generally special topic to me. This is a fictional tale based on my experiences. Love is Louder is an actual anti-bullying movement. 


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