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A little toy Boat

on 04/10/2011
When I was four years old I became obsessed with boats so at bath time my mom and dad would let me play with a small little boat. It had a blue bottom and yellow smoke stack. Not long after I got it I started bringing it everywhere with me and when I accidentally cracked the yellow smoke stack one day at the park, I used my mom’s yellow nail polish to fix it and she never found out. My parents always thought I would grow out of my love of boats and one day abandon the little boat I carried with me everywhere and when I put it in my backpack on the first day of first grade they knew this wasn’t just a phase, I loved boats. So, for my eighth birthday they took me on a real boat! It was one of the greatest experiences I ever had. Well, except for one part.
We were sailing along and I, of course, had brought a long my little boat and was showing it the see when I saw a fish jump out of the water and out of excitement dropped my favorite toy into the water, but I didn’t notice it was gone until we were leaving the boat and I looked all over the boat for it but didn’t find it. I cried for several days to the point where people thought my puppy had died but no, I’d lost my most treasured item. My parents tried to convince me they had found it and each time I’d get my hopes up, but no, they had just gone out and bought another one and I knew it because it didn’t have the yellow nail polish on the smoke stack. Eventually, I stopped moping when my parents told me my little boat was out on the sea having its own adventures and every day I thought about the adventures my boat was having on the see. Even in my advanced high school classes, I often found myself day-dreaming about that boat and the adventures it was having.
Eventually I made my way through college and became the proud owner of The Little Blue Boat Fishermen company. We basically rent out all the equiptment you need to go fishing. Its a very successful business hold four different stores, one of which is out of state. I like to drop into the stores randomly and test out the boats. I tell them its to make sure its in working order but, really I just like to get out on the water again.
One simple Saturday, I was testing out a boat at our store, the first one I’d opened,  on the same lake where I took my first boat ride. I was looking out over the lake as I drove when I noticed something small floating in the middle of the lake. I usual don’t worry about things like that but this thing seemed to grasp my attention. When I got closer, I noticed it was a small toy. As I got closer I had to promise myself not to get my hopes up because the closer I got the more it looked like the little boat I had lost. When I got close enough, I picked up the object that looked exactly like my little boat and saw the nail polish on the smoke stack. After all these long years I had finally found the one thing from my childhood I treasured more than anything.

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